Backstory: team effort

Art: CloakedOmri

Music: Shlof

Programming: Wraith with trainees Chronomatopoeia and ClBlaze in Scratch  

Thanks for Flashlight sprite and code from Me712i on Scratch. Heart sprite from Mitchcurtis/slate on github.

WASD to move Bayard, Knight-Errant

Number 1 to turn light on and off and spam light

Mouse to direct light

E to pick up an object

R to repeat initial instructions

Click x on the side of the object to remove it from inventory

Bayard of Rothendor is a knight-errant who has wandered into a cursed land cast in darkness. He has only his magical torch to explore and unravel the mystery of what dire event has befallen this land. There is a forest and the ruins of a village. On the edge of the village is a blind man who lives in a cave and eats elderberries. He says the villagers left because their houses were cursed and burned and their crops withered. If you find him, he will give you a clue. If you solve the clue and show him the result, he will give you another clue. But beware the BANDERLITH, a pale green creature than eats light. Each time it passes and touches you, it reduces your health. However, if you can flash the Banderlith with your light, he gets damaged and drops tools to uncurse the village ground and build a new house.

Beware: don't kill yourself trying. NOBODY has lived to tell the tale thus far.

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