You want to keep fit during lockdown, but you need to avoid possible sources of the virus as you run. Use the up and down arrows to dodge Corona. When you hear the viral music, you know your steps are numbered.

I made the art and music and programmed the game with Scratch. I used and Scratch to make the music and watched Zinnea's Scratch Team tutorial on scrolling backgrounds for help.


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What a wholesome little game! Despite the fact that the protagonist is in constant panic on account of having to run for his life from an endless stream of deadly virusses for all eternity,  i really liked it! It might not have the best assets, but im going to look past that. I love that you made a game that can be played "forever", since a lot of jam games are pretty linear, and can be finished in under 5 minutes (speaking from experience). You did a great job!

Thanks, Maxi, that means a lot!