You are a space wormhole which wants to eat all of space. Use left mouse clicks to steer yourself through space. Eat up space and replace all of space with yourself before you are possibly wiped out by the merciless black hole of nothingness. Your only reward, should you prevail, is self-satisfaction because you will have eaten up all the scoring mechanisms in the universe. But feel free to post a screenshot in the comments. All hail Wormhole the Wonderful.

If you are hit by the black hole, mouse click immediately and repeatedly to restart.


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WTF did I just play... this must be one of the weirdest games I saw on itch. Oddly satisfying and with a fun kinda jump scare lol xD

How on earth (which was just eaten up by me) did you come up with this?

Btw chronomatopoeia, you can try out my game and attempt to create a potion that turns spaghetti into wormholes. Good luck xD


This game is the result of months spent not programming and the careful nurturing of an enormous lack of skill. Thanks for playing. It's an honor to be dubbed "one of the weirdest games I saw on itch" :)

I am dying to try my hand at potions!


It's fun to just control a simple wormhole that wants to eat all of space for a while and forgetting about everything else.

So true. :)